Industrial Chillers

Industrial Chillers

We draw on over 50 years experience to design, build and produce industry leading Industrial Chiller solutions for your business.

We understand the Australian commercial HVAC industry inside our and have unrivalled knowledge across designing and building water chillers, critical cooling solutions and drinking water products.

Our in-house engineering resources allow us to provide a solution to your specialty cooling needs. We can provide a wide range of computer aided design services, PLC programming and system design.

Located in Sydney, our manufacturing team provide the highest quality product to ensure the products meet specification every time.

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Quick Guide

1 - 4 KW Units

4 - 10 KW Units

12 - 25 KW Units

30 - 50 KW Units

60 - 150 KW Units

The unit will usually be supplied with a primary circulating pump as standard

Thermex has the ability to customize the pump for particular applications and these should be specified at the time of order

The unit has an internal water bypass designed to protect the heat exchanger – it should not be closed under any circumstances

The flow/ pressure charts for the standard pump are shown below

There are certain guidelines that need to be followed to ensure the chiller operates properly and reliably. Failure to allow the air to vent hot air properly will impact on the units ability to operate properly

The chiller should also be installed on a level firm surface and should be bolted down to prevent the unit moving. It is not necessary to install the chiller with spring vibration eliminators – waffle pad will suffice to prevent vibration from the unit

The water pipe work too and from the chiller should be properly insulated to prevent sweating and to ensure the chiller operates as efficiently as possible

All operational cooling capacity, power consumption and current draw data shown above is based on the chiller operating at the limit of its design and is intended to be an indication only.

Each chiller will be individually designed to customer requirements and a detailed product specification will be supplied at time of order including installation instructions and dimensions. The power consumed by the unit and the current it will draw vary depending on how the chiller is constructed. The chillers performance may also vary slightly from the figures above again based on customer requirements.

Thermex Solutions product range is subject to change without notice.

  • Thermex Solutions warrants all it products for 12 months from the agreed commissioning date – no later than 30 days from invoicing date.
  •  The warranty is to the first purchases of the unit
  •  The warranty covers all parts and labour to rectify the unit
  •  The warranty is subject to Thermex Solutions terms and conditions which will be provided at the time of order