Heat Pumps

Thermex’s range of heat pumps are designed and manufactured in Australia for both local and international markets. Thermex’s manufacturing resources have over 50 years of experience in manufacturing heat pumps and refrigeration products.

All Thermex’s heat pumps are manufactured from the highest quality components supplied from the industry’s leading suppliers and are designed for high efficiency and low maintenance.

Evaporator Coating

All Thermex’s evaporators are coated in Blygold PoluAI XT-MB which is a special corrosion protection coating for cooling coils and evaporators. The coating shields vulnerable metals from aggressive environments. The aluminum content in the coating provides the necessary heat conductivity to ensure the that coated heat exchangers have optimum heat transfer capacity.

Special additives ensure the applied coating film is bacterial and fungi resistant. After treating evaporators or cooling coils these articles should be considered “treated articles” and be marked as such.

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Micro organism resistant
  • Heat conductive
  • 11000 hours salt spray test
  • Nano free
  • Treated article

The coating is compliant to

  • ASTM B117 – 11000 hours salt spray test
  • ASTM G85 A1 – 4000+ hours acid salt spray test

THERMEX heat pumps are designed to be provide reliable hot water for any application year- round. Made from rugged stainless steel and using the industries’ leading supplier the THERMEX heat pump is built for years of trouble free service

All unit come with – as standard features

  • Stainless Steel chassis
  • Single wall plate heat exchanger condensers
  • Electronic controller
  • Hot gas injection for defrost function when required
  • High efficiency scroll compressors
  • Advanced evaporator design for high efficiency and low refrigerant charge
  • R134a refrigerant to allow high water temperatures to be achieved with ease
  • Flow switch to protect the condenser
  • 5 Year warranty on the compressor and the condenser
  • Staging for up to 8 heat pumps
  • Phase failure protection
  • Enable relay for the primary pump

Evaporator design

Thermex heat pumps use leading edge evaporator technology on its air forced units. The advanced coil pattern has 7mm tube diameter which is the smallest in the market and the equilateral tube arrangement which creates equal distances between each tube and the six adjacent tubes.

These features result in more tubes per fin cross section and this means more primary surface area – the result is higher capacity and lower refrigerant charge

Model – 20kW | 50hz
Model – 30kW | 50hz
Model – 40kW | 50hz
Model – 50kW | 50hz
Model – 60kW | 50hz
Model – 80kW | 50hz


All operational heating capacity, power consumption and current draw data shown above is based on the heat pump operating at the limit of its design and is intended to be an indication only.

Each unit will be individually designed to customer requirements and a detailed product specification will be supplied at time of order including installation instructions and dimensions. The power consumed by the unit and the current it will draw vary depending on how the unit is constructed. The units performance may also vary slightly from the figures above again based on customer requirements.

THERMEX’s product range is subject to change without notice