Drinking Water Coolers

THERMEX Drinking Water Fountains have a proud 50 year history in Australia and offer the most stylish range available from home to commercial to industrial applications. Ranging is from indoor to outdoor, chilled, filtered and ambient temperature models are all available. Check the range out and be satisfied that you are dealing with Australia’s most experienced provider in the field.



Central storage units are designed for applications where they are short peaks of cold water consumption and the consumption of the water is remote to the cooling unit.

Applications such as schools where students need cold water at recess or lunch and the system has time to recover before the next peak. The systems are designed – in the school environment – to be installed with drinking troughs.

Thermex Solution has under trough units, under sink unit and remote storage units in the range.


  • Large variety of capacities
  • Stored water to help cope with peaks
  • Fully compliant cold-water tank Insulation
  • Environmentally friendly R-134a refrigerant
  • Cold water tank pressure relief valve as standard
  • Tank rated to 750kPa
  • Power requirement – 220/240V 50 Hz – Single phase Galvanised steel chassis
  • Factory set to supply 10°C chilled water
  • Compliant to WaterMark certification
  • Removable lid for easy access to refrigeration system Drain for easy maintenance and tank cleaning
  • 5 years warranty on the tank
  • Removable condensing unit for easy maintenance

Technical Details – Large Capacity Models

Technical Details – smaller capacity models

Unit Sizing

The guide below is designed to help size the correct unit for the application and intended as a guide only as water pressure and water consumption varies.

The guide assumes that the system needs to recover at least once in an hour.

Dimensions – Remote Storage

Dimensions – TW004 – Under sink

Dimensions – TW005 – under trough unit

Dimensions – TW006 – under sink high capacity cooler


Built-in 1 or 2 stage filtration system